I'll be running through some How-to's to help people get their bikes going if they've got a beat up bike they "found" in someone's back yard or something. Most of these methods are makeshift methods with makeshift tools. Its just the way I've always been used to working on bikes. like I always say to my customers "its just a bike" its not a car or some super advanced gadget, anyone can fix a bike. Even though the methods might seem crude, trust me, I've done it millions of times and I am a very mechanical person so i make sure everything that i do makes sense. If you have any comments or suggestions though, I'm happy to learn.

With that said though, I am in no shape or form responsible for u working on your bikes, taking my advice and killing yourself by going down a 100mph hill.

How to Remove and Install chains (The older type without a master link)

This method will work on 80% of old bikes that you pick up, unless they have a master link, or they're the new rivet types.

Here I have a donor frame with a chain that I want to use. The tools I'll be using are pictured, A pointy tip chisel, a bigger tip chisel, and a flat big head one. a hammer, a block of aluminum (or wood), and a little steel donut (can be found at any hardware store, be creative.

Lay your bike down so that your chain can be laid flat on your block of aluminum or wood (i use aluminum because its hard enough to hammer on but not so hard that it ruins the steel chain).

Now put the steel donut under the link that you want to pop out and use your pointy end chisel and to give it a good whack. The pin should be able to go down because you have the donut there (duh) Watch your finger!

You only need the pin to come out as far as in this pic, no need to go any further, if its loose you might lose it.

And that's how you remove a chain. Unwind it off the derailleur and put it on the next bike! Wind it through and make sure you go through the derailleurs correctly.

Now put the chain back together lining the pin up with the hole from the other link, make sure they're lined up! Then lay it on the hammerhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifing block and give it a nice tap. You don't have to be the god of thunder with your hammer, just give it a nice tap.

Now that the pin is in it wont be able to go all the way through just yet. It should look like this

Now make sure you lay the link flat on the block, put the steel donut On top of the link and give it a nice whack, again don't go too crazy with your guns.

The pin should emerge like this, about the same height as the rest of them. Its okay if its a bit taller, we'll fix that.

Now take your big chisel, lay it on top of the pin and give it the fist of thunder. You're basically trying to flatten out the surface or squishing it out so that it doesnt fall out.

AND you are DONE! Remember to lube it up as the link may be sticky and binding. That should have taken you no more than 10 minutes given you have all your tools. Now when someone emails you and says "i'll give you 20 bucks for your bike, it needs a chain and that's a lot of money and work" you give em the finger for me!